Our Glamour Shots

Among the “activities” of our weekend, my kids and I made a 9 pm trip to the store for a pink feather boa and we took a large novelty skeleton to the park.  So yeah, we’re living a pretty crazy life here.  I don’t think we’d have it any other way.  My house has been such a mess and I stress about it.  I was raised in a household with a stay-at-home mom.  To this day, one could literally eat off of her kitchen floor at any given moment.  She hired someone to clean for her at one time and we believe that she re-cleaned after the cleaning lady left.

My mom doesn’t judge me though.  Well, not that I know of.  “That was the deal,” she explained once, “Your dad went out and earned money to pay our bills and my job was to cook and clean.  You are a single mom with a job outside of the home.  So your house doesn’t look perfect.  That’s okay.”  Thanks Mom!!

So every day this month we post photos of our skeleton.  We do photo shoots ahead of time for the days when I work so that we don’t miss a beat.  Friday night found us unprepared. The kids and I reviewed our list of ideas and agreed to “Glamour Shots.”  First, I had to pull up some examples on the internet and educate the kids on this, as they were born in a post-Glamour Shot world.  After much giggling, the 7 year-old gladly offered up her makeup that she is only allowed on special occasions.  My 12 year-old did the application.  We brought out the best of my tacky, chunky jewelry and realized that the skeleton needed something more.  His arms do not articulate in such a way as to pose him holding up a collar, so feather boa was the only way to go.  Hard to believe that my 7 year-old, who dresses fabulously every single opportunity she can get (maybe because she’s not allowed to wear makeup), did not have a feather boa to be found.  I know she has had them before.  I’m betting that it was thrown away on a cleaning jag…or perhaps it’s under a pile of stuff in her room.


Saturday we carved our pumpkins in the dining room, destroying the one room in the house that wasn’t a total wreck already.  I just took a deep breath and thought, “I’ll clean when they go to their dad’s.  Just enjoy this moment.”  So we created wonderful memories and had this fantastic time, right?  Eh, we went through 2 battery operated pumpkin carving tools and I had to run to the store mid-carving, unkempt and smelling of pumpkin for more tools.  Parenthood is such a balancing act.  You’ll lose your mind if you let it get to you, I don’t care who you are.

I love our life right now though.  I love that I can just say, “We need a feather boa.  Let’s run to the store for that,” on a Friday night.  I love that the kids and I can share this enthusiasm.  It won’t be long before the 12 year-old is an angsty, hormonal teen but for now she is mugging for my camera.  While at the park balancing our 5 foot, poseable skeleton on a teeter-totter, my 7 year-old yelled to a passer-by, “HI!  DON’T THINK WE’RE CRAZY!”  Perhaps the skeleton in the park isn’t as crazy as yelling “Don’t think we’re crazy” to a stranger on the sidewalk.


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